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Well school has been alright so far. 2marro is supposidly "Freshmen Friday" so lets see how thats gonna work out. lol. but i cant fit in a locker so i cant get shoved into one. but that shit is just a hokse (sp. But ne who. I went to that lil open house with my real mom and my dad. and then we went to Ruby Tuesdays. And uhh can we say mini lecture. and WTF! My dad is like an asshole, he thinks tht just cuz ur punk (from seeing Kyle Davis, and Mitch Radford, and Ryan Auble before) they're troublemakers and "white trash"....well idk about mitch, but i dont think the rest are. I mean he thought michelle was high because she was talkin to herself while waiting for Erica, Ashley, and Alex at brandenburg. Im like wtf? everyone talks to themselves while waiting for people by themselves. I know I do, and so shes he. Im starting to think he's racist against punks =\ oh well fuck him...fuck him right in his ear!!!!! lol. ok thts all.

Oh everyone I made a new friend! her name is Sam Duncan....
Ahhh u know her eh? i thought so...shes so lovely n sweet.

x ExOtIc BaBi: I saw you today
x ExOtIc BaBi: You looked cute.. as usual

gouwerhfjprujh;dsakjdfgjkadsf;h=80rujf shes so nice!

I Love her. <33
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today was fun.

Today was a great way to start off the week!!! Ashley Belger came over today!!! omfg i love her so much! Well she was like "baah i dont wanna go home" so im like ok then come over my house. so shes like ok. so we went to my house, and omfg we had so much fun. we talked about our problems and stuff. i wish she coulda stayed longer. shes so gr8. and then we were sitting at my counter. and as u all know her, and erica have this thing about being black, and fried chickin and shit. so my step mom walks in, and she's like "i brought home some fried chicken" i was like omg! and we both just busted out laughing. and shes like whats so funny. and were like nothing. so i ate a piece of chicken, and ashley ate mashed patotoes, a biscut, and 2 pieces of chicken. i was like wow. it was hilarous. and then we talked some more and stuff. and then we talked some more. and came back to the computer and realized tht we didnt put up an away message. lol. and then she left, and then i went to Mrs. Gina's and then i hung out there and then i left and came to my humble home. =( haha. well thts all for now. bye.
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My lj wedding by chynafox
you will marrylilshortie17
flower girlleftb3hind52
best manphillipthompson
you will have your last fling withghetto_hoe
secretly wants to marry you themselfihavekdd
date of the weddingAugust 21, 2033
number of times you do it on your wedding night25
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lol haha i knew kyle wanted to marry me ;) lol
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ok lemmie get this str8

My mom can accept me for being bi but my dad cant? hmm something's fishy there. like if I went to homecomming with another guy. my mom would be happy meanwhile dad would be sprinkling holy water on me? hmmmm tht shit is fucked up.

**Note to dad**
GET THE FUCK OVER IT! if mom can accept it, than so should you. i might be "only" 14, but im old enough to know what i want. and this is what i want. and theres nothing u can do to stop me. see ur problem is, is that ur too wise to see the good sides of it. ur always looking at the worst case scenario's and shit. that most-likely wont even happen. and that makes me sick to my stomach. and it pisses me off. HEY GUESS WHAT! that little boy that u used to hold in ur arm while driving the motor home, grew up now! and is old enough to make most of his life choices! and besides, i might not even be like this when i grow up, i might even get married and have children. you told me to write about this in my journal to show eric, and thats exactly what i did. You told me to get more friends, and thats exacly what i did, i have a really good friend name elena in Illinois, and a new good friends in the 10th grade, and yes i have 5 or 6 friends that are bi. and you cant stop me from being friends with them. get over it. nothing is gonna change. unless you blow up the world, and theres no one here but me, nothing is gonna change about me, and that is final.
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(no subject)

My Meme by Breathing9858
Favorite Soda
Loves your hairalbinomullets
Thinks you're a hairy beastmatroxmysox43
Wants to do youlilshortie17
Is really Satan himselfcharmbracelet17
Sings in the showerlw4l_sp77
Secretly loves Hanson_stereochild
Wants to try bondage with youblinky_bunny
Is here to kill youlemonhead626
Loves the person you loveambermademe
Sucks their own cockzim7856
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And the funny thing is...that does sound like sean to suck his own cock! lmao.
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The Best Day In Fer Ever!

omfg! today was so much fun! it was incredible....ok here's what happened. This morning. on the bus, since we got amber and sarah on the bus its already hilarous. And then the bus driver turned on Gospel, it was hilarous, and then she turned on 93.1 and was listening to The carwash by christina aguilera and missy. it was gr8. And then we were listening to wierd news or something like tht on 93.1. and then school happened. and then the real fun came after school when me, joe, amber, alexis, sexy sean (haha) and jessica all came over. Omg...ive never had this much fun since I hung out with julie. and hmm what happened. First we went to jeff's house and then we got him, and me, sean, jessica, and jeff all walked to the gas station. and then jessica's mom picked us up and took us back to the sub (after stopping to get sean cigs) haha. and then my brother saw me get out of jess's mom's van but no one said ne thing yet so idk. and then we walked back to jeff's and hung out in his room for like an hour or 2. and there all of us piled up on jeff's bed and sat there. and then we went thru all jeff's stuff. and i tried on like half of jeff's clothes. lmfao. ok more like a coat and a hoodie (that both fit!!!) and jeff became a physco bitch/drama queen/PMS.....And josh if ur reading this, if u think IM a drama queen u gotta see this kid. He was so mad he wanted to kick my ass. lol. and hmm lets see what else happened. Oh and i was laying down on the floor cuz it was no more room on the bed, and sean comes over and gets on top of me, and im like wtf?!?! and he starts tickleing me, and omg ive never been tickled like tht since i was little. and then jessica started tickleing me. it was gr8.

*and ew all u people that are going out think u love each other, do you love ur bf or gf enough to pop their pimples, and let them pop yours?!?!?....Sean and Jessica do =)  they're so cute...*

hmm what else happened? OH after sean and jessica left (lmfao sean had a rainbow bike) joe, alexis, and amber all chilled in my basement for a lil while. and we had some laughs. and they left, joe left everyone is gone now. and earlier my dad told my mom tht i was claiming i was bi, and why i was going to yeah.

Leave comments people!


I LOVE JESSICA BARRIENTO!! haha oh and Alexis too. lmmfao. im so bad. Jessica u have soft boobs.

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cornrow445's Word Usage
1. and (138) 26. its (16) 51. or (10) 76. about (7)
2. i (93) 27. dont (15) 52. this (10) 77. him (7)
3. to (67) 28. were (14) 53. put (10) 78. haha (7)
4. the (54) 29. they (14) 54. at (9) 79. lmao (7)
5. it (49) 30. she (13) 55. out (9) 80. shit (7)
6. a (38) 31. her (13) 56. some (9) 81. wow (6)
7. my (36) 32. with (13) 57. u (9) 82. more (6)
8. like (32) 33. on (13) 58. there (9) 83. even (6)
9. in (30) 34. get (13) 59. fun (9) 84. wanna (6)
10. is (27) 35. got (13) 60. school (9) 85. bad (6)
11. lol (26) 36. just (13) 61. not (9) 86. now (6)
12. but (26) 37. then (12) 62. hilarous (8) 87. one (6)
13. so (26) 38. go (12) 63. love (8) 88. hate (6)
14. im (25) 39. gonna (12) 64. really (8) 89. parents (6)
15. was (25) 40. going (12) 65. be (8) 90. o (6)
16. of (24) 41. know (12) 66. his (8) 91. from (6)
17. all (24) 42. thats (11) 67. if (8) 92. went (6)
18. we (22) 43. your (11) 68. cuz (8) 93. awesome (6)
19. me (20) 44. are (11) 69. around (8) 94. saw (6)
20. up (19) 45. people (11) 70. oh (8) 95. who (6)
21. amber (18) 46. yeah (11) 71. had (7) 96. can (6)
22. that (17) 47. dad (11) 72. off (7) 97. hell (5)
23. for (17) 48. he (11) 73. ur (7) 98. other (5)
24. well (16) 49. here (10) 74. good (7) 99. house (5)
25. you (16) 50. have (10) 75. 3 (7) 100. jeff (5)
Word Count by Hutta.
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